Over the years, our projects have consisted of poetry and prose, ranging from highly compressed stories to sprawling poems, with only one real constant: we're usually running behind deadline.

Alana Dunn has consistently provided copyediting and proofreading services that are timely, affordable, and most importantly, accurate. She has that uncanny attention to detail that allows her to find inconsistencies across an entire document or that extra space lurking in the unlikeliest place. Alana reads not only to ensure that the "rules" are being met, but to ensure that our authors are communicating their intentions clearly. I think every one of our readers is, without knowing it, grateful to Alana.

I recently worked with Alana Dunn on an academic book manuscript. Alana is an extraordinary copyeditor. She is extremely meticulous, discerning, and has an astounding eye for detail. At the same time, Alana never imposes her own language choices on the text. Instead, she works with the author to bring forth the most accurate writing and verbal expression, all the while remaining faithful to the original style and ideas of the text. Beyond this, Alana is highly professional, efficient, and communicative. It was an absolute delight to work with Alana, and I will most certainly seek her help again in the future.

—Olivia Landry, Ph.D.

The best copyeditors don't just look for simple mistakes. The best copyeditors question every page, every line, every word, for clarity, concision, and truth. Alana Dunn is just such a copyeditor: professional and prompt in her communications and reliable when it comes to deadlines. She offers more than just a quick proofread. Through her deep understanding of the text, she assists the author in his or her intent, working not only to make sure everything is punctuated as it should be, but that the manuscript as a whole is consistent and meets her exacting standards of excellence.

—L.C. Fiore, author of The Last Great American Magic, winner of the 2017 Novel of the Year award from Underground Book Reviews 

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