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Selected Publications

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Anagnost, Adrian. Spatial Orders, Social Forms: Art and City Space in Modern Brazil. New Haven, CT: Yale University

Press, 2021.


Cody, Steven J. Andrea del Sarto: Splendor and Renewal in the Renaissance Altarpiece. Leiden: Brill, 2020.

Elet, Yvonne. Urban Landscape in the Third Rome: Raphael’s Villa and Mussolini’s Forum. Florence: Edifir/Edizioni

Firenze, 2023.

Fenichel, Emily. Michelangelo’s Art of Devotion in the Age of Reform. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press,


Landry, Olivia. A Decolonizing Ear: Documentary Film Disrupts the Archive. Toronto: University of Toronto Press,


Landry, Olivia. Theatre of Anger: Radical Transnational Performance in Contemporary Berlin. Toronto: University of

Toronto Press, 2021.

Middlebrook, Leah. Amphion: Lyre, Poetry, and Politics in Modernity. Chicago: University of Chicago Press,


Edited Volumes

Butler Wingfield, Kim, and Tracy Cosgriff, eds. Revisiting Raphael's Vatican Stanze. Turnhout: Harvey Miller, 2022.

van Dam, Nick, ed. The Best Version of Me. Morrisville, NC: Lulu, 2024.


Hoenig, Christina. "Apuleius' Platonism." Oxford Bibliographies. Updated November 26, 2019.


Hoenig, Christina. "Augustine of Hippo and Nonhuman Animals." Journal of Animal Ethics 13, no. 2: 122–34. https://

Hoenig, Christina. "Medicine in Apuleius of Madauros." In La Trasmissione del Sapere Medico: Linguaggi e idee dai

papiri ad oggi, edited by Alessia Bovo. Parma: Athenaeum Academic Publications, 2022.

Hoenig, Christina. "Translation." In The Oxford Handbook of Roman Philosophy, edited by Myrto Garani, David

Konstan, and Gretchen Reydams-Schils. Oxford: University of Oxford Press, 2023.

​Book Reviews

Hoenig, Christina. Review of Taurus of Beirut. The Other Side of Middle Platonism. Issues in Ancient Philosophy, by

Federico M. Petrucci. Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2019.06.25.


Hoenig, Christina. "Calcidius' Philosophical Method." Ancient Philosophy 41, no. 1 (2021): 185–206.


​Jackson, Dorian Lee. "Narco-trafficking and Camba Identity in Homero Carvalho Oliva's La conspiración de los

viejos." Bolivian Studies Journal/Revista de Estudios Bolivianos 28 (2022): 185–206.

Lu, Zhipeng, and Homa Pesarakli. "Seeing Is Believing: Using Eye-Tracking Devices in Environmental Research."

HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal 16, no. 1 (2022): 15–52.

Lu, Zhipeng, Wenjin Wang, Wei Yan, Chung Lin Kew, Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, and Marcia Ory. "The Application of Fully

Immersive Virtual Reality on Reminiscence Interventions for Older Adults: Scoping Review." JMIR Serious Games 11 (2023): e45539.

Lukacs, Gabriella. "The Affective Labor of Commoning: Street Art in Illiberal Hungary." Anthropology of Work Review,

published ahead of print, March 12, 2024.

Lukacs, Gabriella. "The Gender of the Meme: Women and Protest Media in Populist Hungary." Feminist Media

Studies (January 10, 2022): 1–16.

Qiu, Lingyi, and Xuemei Zhu. "Housing and Community Environments vs. Independent Mobility: Correlates for

Children's Independent Travel and Unsupervised Outdoor Play." International Journal of Environmental Research

and Public Health 18, no. 4 (2021): 2132.

Saiyed, Abrar Ali, and Ateeque Sheik. "Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy in Craft-based Businesses in an Emerging

Market: A Qualitative Interpretivist Approach." Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship 26, no. 2: 279–302.

Zhu, Xuemei, Hanwool Lee, Huiyan Sang, James Muller, Haoyue Yang, Chanam Lee, and Marcia Ory. "Nursing Home

Design and COVID-19: Implications for Guidelines and Regulation." JAMDA 23, no. 2 (2021): 272–79.

Dissertations and Theses

Berkowitz, Sara. "Ambiguous Bodies: Gender Non-Conformity and Bodily Transformation in Early Modern Italian Art."

PhD diss., University of Maryland at College Park, 2020.

Eure, Eve. "The Grammar of Kinship: Black and Native Intimacies in the 19th Century." PhD diss., University of

Pennsylvania, 2020.

Gulledge, Elizabeth. "Understanding the Publishing Field: the Contributions of Bourdieu." PhD diss., University of St.

Andrews, 2011.

Halder, Guido F. "A Frame-Semantic Approach to Selectional Restrictions in German Support Verb Constructions: the

Case of [in X geraten]." PhD diss., University of Texas at Austin, 2012.

Lynch, Terry. "Battle Tested: The Stories of African American Male Alumni at a State Residential Math and Science

School: A Narrative Inquiry." PhD diss., North Carolina State University, 2019.

Ramirez, Cynthia N. "A Theoretical Framework and Mixed-Methods Investigation of Documentation Status as a Social

Determinant of Emergency Department Utilization at an Urban Safety-net Hospital in Los Angeles, California." PhD diss., University of Southern California, 2023.

Taymuree, Zainab. "The Missing Designers: A History of Activists Designing for Racial Justice." MA thesis,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020.

Bibliography Work

Sulosky Weaver, Carrie L. Marginalised Populations in the Ancient Greek World: The Bioarchaeology of the Other.

Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2022.

Tan, Catherine. Spaces on the Spectrum: How Autism Movements Resist Experts and Create Knowledge. New York:

Columbia University, Press, 2024.


Chapter & Verse: Newsletter of the Creative Writing Program of UNC Chapel Hill, Fall 2021.

Chapters and Verses: Stories and Poems from the Creative Writing Program at Carolina. Chapel Hill: University of

North Carolina Creative Writing Program, 2021.


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Poetry and Prose

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