Academic Publications


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​Book Reviews

Hoenig, Christina. Review of Taurus of Beirut. The Other Side of Middle Platonism. Issues in Ancient Philosophy, by

     Federico M. Petrucci. Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2019.06.25. http://www.bmcreview.org/2019/06/20190625.html. 

Dissertations and Theses

Berkowitz, Sara. "Ambiguous Bodies: Gender Non-Conformity and Bodily Transformation in Early Modern Italian Art."

     University of Maryland at College Park, 2020.

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     School: A Narrative Inquiry." North Carolina State University, 2019.

Edited Volumes

Butler Wingfield, Kim, and Tracy Cosgriff, eds. Revisiting Raphael's Vatican Stanze. Turnhout: Harvey Miller, 2021.


Anagnost, Adrian. Spatial Orders, Social Forms: Art and City Space in Modern Brazil. New Haven, CT: Yale University

     Press, forthcoming.


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     Toronto Press, 2021.


Bibliography Abbreviations (Journal Titles)

Sulosky Weaver, Carrie L. Marginalised Populations in the Ancient Greek World: The Bioarchaeology of the Other.
     Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming.



Poetry and Prose




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