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​I specialize in a hybrid line edit and copyedit for my clients. In the publication process, professional line editing and copyediting come between developmental editing and proofreading. Read on to see if your project is ready to be line edited and copyedited.


Line editing and copyediting strengthen your text by addressing both the clarity of your writing and any mechanical errors. I perform both types of edits simultaneously for your work, given that they are equally essential for preparing publication-ready text.

Line editing pays attention to:

  • Repetitive or redundant wording, regarding both word choice and information that may have been presented multiple times in different ways;

  • Run-on sentences, wordiness, and flawed sentence structure;

  • Lack of clarity or specificity.

Copyediting corrects:

  • Inconsistencies in grammar, spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, numbering, and punctuation;

  • In-text citations and citations within footnotes (or endnotes), as well as in bibliographies (or works cited). In fact, unlike many (most?!) of my clients, my favorite types of text to edit are footnotes and bibliographies—the more detailed, the better!

​I edit in Microsoft Word using the track changes feature, typically for two passes (two edits) of the text. I work with a variety of style guides including Chicago, APA, MLA, AMA, and any house style guides or author specifications, along with Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.



Fees are determined by project and may vary depending on the length of the manuscript and the level of editing required. A free sample edit of 7–10 pages will be used to help determine an estimated timeline and level of editing for each project.

Is your project ready for line editing and copyediting? Get in touch today!

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